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It appeared to be an epidemic of late-onset Spotted Deer Ankle in this past World Cup, with colorful socks covered in white spots popping up on players from every country. What did the socks do? Why was EVERYONE wearing them? Where can I get a pair? The biggest mystery of the summer was solved by a quick Googling: these were TruSox™.

Brilliantly designed microfiber socks with “revolutionary non-slip technology pads” according to the TruSox official site. In a nutshell, the socks are peppered with small sticky “pads” on both the inside and outside sole to lock feet securely inside a boot. The kicker is that the TruSox pads are engineered with a technology that activates with the appearance of sweat, further improving performance. 

When I first received my TruSox and went to try them out, I broke the cardinal rule: I put them on over another pair of socks, explicitly ignoring their instructions. I’ve been a two-sock wearer since I was 12, who were TruSox to try and change that? They performed admirably, although with a bit of sliding that I now attribute to my non-adherence to the rules.

Recognizing my folly, I decided to use the product the way it was designed. CRAZY.

Only one problem. I was playing in an adult league match that required me to wear black socks. My TruSox weren’t long enough to serve as my game socks, and they also happened to be plum colored. This wasn’t going to work.

My solution was one that I’ve found many have turned to: I had to sacrifice a pair of normal soccer socks for my TruSox to be great. A pair of Nike Portugal socks were my victim; I hopped on the pitch with the black, maroon & green pirate sleeves pulled over my TrueSox in an OCD-nightmare of a clash with our bright red uniforms.

It was all worth it.

Imbued with the (clearly) magical powers of my sweat in the midday sun, the mighty TruSox strained to keep my feet anchored in my boots, my feet somehow emerged from the 90-minute match completely intact with not a hint of a blister. I was sold. Almost.

TruSox are just about the perfect product, with just a few minor issues.

Firstly, they’re too expensive. $39.99 for additional socks isn’t an expense I typically have earmarked in my budget, especially since I can’t wear them more than once a week unless I’m on some sort of hyper-active laundry schedule or shooting to create my very own breed of fungus in the TruSox name by wearing them over and over. Between my two review pairs, it was barely enough for my moderate playing schedule of three to four times a week, much less an active player on the pitch every day. However, if you’re looking for simply a complementary matchday sock, this is your go-to.

That brings us to the real issue: how do you wear them with your matchday socks? I wasn’t pleased to have to ruin another pair of socks just to accommodate my TruSox. I can’t imagine others will either. My suggestion? Tweak the interior technology to grip onto sweaty cloth just as well as sweaty skin. Then you’ll have the perfect product.

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