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Titanfall Electronic Arts is a monumental success, it is now undergoing a continuation of the extension, which will have the same effect: Titanfall 2. has taken massive call weapons in its Titan war machines and join the battle on the border! Better options, improved graphics and more tweaksTitanfall Titanfall this is the best so far!

Update services and mass customization that the original one

DozvoleZa destruction of Titan, they leave Frontierovu player, and for the planetRecently discovered that develops in the periphery of the universe. Create goals and struggles in the perspective of first-time growers with various tools, weapons and abilities. Struggle Walking or falling on the game, called Giant Space Titan. The Titans are war robots giants armed with devastating weapons and defense. Pilot Titan direct or give separate orders, walking on foot, using his own vještine.Borba against Titanfall 2 is fast, angry and play brutalna.V original game was limited to games inOnline, now single player campaign mode and plot for the boundary border add and to give more opportunities to play. The level of your character, unlock new equipment and a titanionove, six of which are new. Adjust the player to fulfill his objectives. Play battle as you want and help in the fight for the Frontier!

Izgledbolje than anything else

The AA collapse Titana2 is the title of Electronic Arts, and as such it has graphics and production values ​​shoulder shoulder with the best in the industry.Soft play and an amazing ability to allow a player in virtually anywhere where the map limits. Many maps are great to play with destructive environments, which will inevitably be destroyed. I wonder how many heavy weapons lost Titan for neprijateljeiedificio. Effects and music in the goal for the player games trzevnaDosviadczenie. There are also more cosmetic customization options, nose and colors for both Titans and personal equipment. When you go in the field, lookThe way you want and play as you like. All updates are released during the game. Each varied and detailed map, so that they are cute and a toy sword and online. This is a velikaigra


Titana2 collapse is the last shot in the first with advances in all areas of its predecessor. More customization, more weapon options, more maps and simple playerque mode this game will shine to a greater number of players that attracts their first repetition. ElectronicArts has created a fantastic game and the wonderful world of games. Choose your team, please call the titanium and join the battle!

Titanfall 2

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