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Paul Pogba is unquantifiable

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Every few generations, a transcendental athlete comes along: Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Diego Maradona, Michael Jordan, and more recently, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, and LeBron James. These athletes take a fine art, mastered by many, and elevate it to a level unheard of at that point. I believe Paul Pogba is one of those athletes.

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Paul Pogba – Writing His Own Story

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Share:Little over two years, Paul Pogba was a frustrated member of the Manchester United reserves, a player who seemed to always be on the periphery of Sir Alex Ferguson’s first team, but able to bridge the gap. Fast-forward to today, and he is a title winner with Juventus and a player that Paris Saint-Germain are rumoured to be willing to …