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TS1 Podcast: Blue Moon – Pellegrini Standing All Alone?

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The Special 1s return to talk shop this week, discussing Manchester City’s woes, Manuel Pellegrini’s suitability as their long-term manager, and whether or not *true* Blues fans give a damn about Champions League. The boys also discuss Jürgen Klinsmann’s comments on the drop-off in performances after the World Cup, Champions League, EPL, and inevitably get dragged into yet another Arsenal discussion.

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An Awkward Relationship: The English Perception of Italian Calcio

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Tribalism or attaching yourself to ones colours is deeply infectious. It taps into a sense of identity, a belonging; you share this feeling and entitlement of supporting something with other people which can bring out such intense emotions. Nonetheless, such tribalism can also lead to spitefulness when it comes to media and fan viewpoints on certain teams.