Scout’s Notebook: US Soccer Development Academy- Boca United vs Weston FC

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Weston FC defeated Boca United in both age groups on Saturday afternoon. The u18 match ended in a 4-0 victory for the Weston side. The game was competitive until a red card led to the floodgates opening. Striker Alfred Perez started the scoring with Jesus Alberto Luna providing the assist. Boca held strong and created chances of their own until a bonehead play led to the expulsion of Davi da Cruz who put his hands on the opponent and was sent off. As the 10 men United side tired, Weston scored three goals in the last ten minutes with Edgardo Obregon tallying a brace and Carlos Ducey putting the finishing touches with a last minute goal to earn the three points.

The u16 match was tense and volatile at times, but Weston left it late and scored a 2-1 win. United used roughhouse tactics to gain the upper-hand on Weston and took the lead late in the first half as Brendan Clark latched onto a shot before keeper Luca Mancuso was able to make the save. As the second half progressed, it was back and forth with opportunities for each side. The ref was losing control of the match as the reckless challenges continued which led to a melee. After all the huffing and puffing ended, Boca midfielder, Nick Lodovico received his marching orders. He was not involved in the initial tackles, but it seems that he said or did something that got the linesman’s attention, and the red card was pulled out. The home side fought valiantly as they tried to keep their 1-0 advantage with less men. With two minutes left in the match, Weston’s Diego Mejia found the equalizer as he bundled the ball home through traffic. In the final minute, the Boca United keeper, Daniel Espinosa spilled a shot which went directly to Jose Rivas who placed the ball into the empty net. Soon after, the final whistle ended the match.

U18 match

Weston midfielder, Jesus Alberto Luna showed slick feet and closed control. A very direct player who likes joining the attack from his midfield role. He combined well with Alfred Perez to start the scoring for Weston.

Juan Nunez (Weston, Right Midfielder) is a very busy player. Decent off-the-ball movement going forward. Combined well with the right back. He has a strong burst of pace and is fearless but his final ball was lacking.

Substitutes Carlos Ducey and Edgardo Obregon come on and changed the match with their directness and pace going towards goal. They scored three second half goals between them. They had a more clinical touch in front of goal than the players they replaced.

Before his expulsion, Boca United’s forward Davi da Cruz impressed with his neat footwork, decent upper body strength, and the ability to create space for himself. He had several chances but held onto the ball too long. Showed a bit of petulance before his sending off that when he did receive his marching orders, it was not a surprise.

Trevor Gavlikowski (Boca United, Midfielder) is a hard-working player. He runs after every loose ball like a bull in a china shop. Made a couple of nifty plays including a back-heel flick that sent forward Douglas Phillips in on goal. The right footed player’s accuracy was lacking in front of goal, but Trevor is a player that never quit on the action even after they went down a man.

U16 Match

Jose Rivas (Weston, Left Forward) has quick feet and likes to cut inside from left to right. Boca United used their physicality to manhandle Rivas throughout the match. He is a very clever player with pace. Didn’t have the impact until he was in the right place at the right time and scored the winner.

Liam Murphy (Weston, Right Forward) came back down from the u-18 age group to participate in this match. Murphy has the balance to ride challenge and continue with his movement. He shows good combination play and is an accurate passer. Had an excellent breakaway opportunity in the first half but fluffed it wide of the mark.

Errol Spence (Weston, Center Midfielder) has smooth ball skills with decent vision and range on the pass. His defending could improve, he made several clumsy challenges and was on the edge of getting a second yellow in the second half. As the game progressed, he lost concentration and misplaced passes that he would have completed earlier in the match.

Nick Lodovico (Boca United, Center Attacking Midfielder) has a decent touch, awareness to turn away from pressure, and shows the work-rate to get up and down. The one time he lost possession, he sprinted 20 yards to win the ball back. He can continue to improve in his ability to intercept the ball without being reckless. I am not sure what happened with his red card because he was not involved in the tackle which led to the melee.

Christian Vinasco (Boca United, Right Winger) is an interesting player. He came off the bench for the second half and made an instant impact. Tall, slender player with pace and clever feet on the dribble. He got up the right wing with great regularity, but couldn’t place the final ball to his teammates. Vinasco does need to improve on his overall decision-making and be careful with the heavy challenges.

Alexandre Guichard (Boca United, Forward): Strong player with decent hold-up play. His big frame allowed him to retain possession and continue driving forward. He does hold the ball too long at times. His influence waned as the game progressed.

I would have been curious to see the impact on the match that Boca United’s leading scorer, Josh Darius would have had on the match. He was suspended for after a red card against the Clearwater Chargers. Boca United was competitive on the day, it would have been interesting to see another attacking threat that could have challenged this talented Weston side.

“Off the Wall”

Parents were getting into the match. When the Boca United keeper was kicked in the head as he slid in for a 50/50 challenge, his father tried to check and see if his son was ok. The linesman held him back and told him to stay away as the trainer treated the player.

In another instance, after a nasty tackle, a Weston parent threatened one of the Boca United players after seeing his son carried off. That same Boca United parent who tried to get on the field, then challenged the Weston parent to a fight and told him to watch his mouth. Both parents were ejected from the match. I understand that the heat is on and parents want what is best for their “baby” but I think parents need to show a little more composure and not threaten the kids.

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