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QBittorrent is an easy BitTorrent client that uTorrent reminds us, since it’s a clean design and ease of use.

With qBittorrent you can manage all kinds of content. The program includes a built-in search engine with support for torrent main database, RSS feed, and a Torrent creator, among other features. It is compatible with UPnP / Nat-PMP and beyond.

The Best qBittorrent is its simplicity. NoYou need to configureoSupport any configuration wizard to get it. Just run the application and it’s ready to get started. The only tools you need additional plug-ins are the built-in search engine.

There are other interest features like qBittorrent support for tags to organize your files, the ability to turn off the computer once the download is complete and the Web interface that lets you manageYour downloads remotely.

QBittorrent is a simple, clean, easy to use BitTorrent clientAll features you would expect from a high-quality application.


BUGFIX: Added the ability to sort the bug

BUGFIX: Do not tell everyone in the same tracker to follow the details of different trackers

BUGFIX: Fix geometry savings add torrent dialog savings

BitTorrent is the official client for eponymousProtocol, peer-to-peer, and it’s light and full of features.

Download any file type

FeatureBitTorrent is a search engine to find torrent file Bit Che can also be used as an alternative and a combination of RSS technology, which is used to alert users to having a new torrent online. For each torrent, the program downloads the full data and information to friends, bones, and trackers, as well as chartsDownload and upload speed.

YangBitTorrent not only uses for downloading files (movies, games, documents, videos, MP3 music andother materials protected by copyright), but also to share, and letting newly created torrents.

BitTorrent offers some other features, which are borrowed from uTorrent, including:

A clear and open configured intermediate

The interface is easy to understand, well organized, and has a modern oneDesign. From the main screen, you can see active torrents and inactive, and the download is complete, as well as the availability optionMenu where you can set all the settings below BitTorrent.

Not a powerful and ringankeping P2P software

BitTorrent, like uTorrent, is among the most popular software for file sharing. It uses some sources, does not weigh down your PC, and rarelyFreezes.

Finally, it’s perfect for anyone looking for quality torrent customers is highly configurable and can be used P2Pdownloads FOR FREE.


BitTorrent converts significant changes such as switching devices, streaming, small UI changes, health meter (more sophisticated than “availability” but with a simpler UI), built-in player, remote access and other improvements. All of these are optional and customizable, and madeWhile maintaining the size of product profiles is almost the same!

QBittorrent 3.0

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