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Pro Evolution Soccer 6, the latest installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. This time I promise to keep above and complete the range of options for the practicality at the feet to make sure the new players.

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The specialty for printers is only one advanced Pro Evolution Soccer 6, surely loved by the player. Who is already mastered to decide on their new capabilities and challenges to be ready to decide once every wits against Peopleberen friends and for all is the best player of all soccer. In theory,There is an opportunity to use multiplayer mode remotely, so player friends and more than one network can connect to endless amounts of other players, not in reality, as the online strength selection has to be out

You football crazy?

Some Fansbeste game ProEvolution should be sure to be fun, update Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and image and other features are sure to be action gamers and they came back for more. Another difficult task and identifying featuresAlthough it is definitely fixed enough to keep football fans interested in coming back and coming back.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, the latest game version of Conami Football Windows. While the PSE 2013 looks very similar to the Pro Evoultion Soccer 2012, it was developed to improve gameplay and there are some subtle graphics changes.


Pro EvolutionSoccer 2013 more than the previous version of the game, Make a simulation like real football, more than 2012. More in the game inspired by some items that seem to followDespite the FIFA 12 PES, which is not a bad thing often.


Stronger control of the PSO 2012 warGegeb upgrade system Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Develop a new control system, control of the total PSE. The feature touch is the first new movements, where players R2, can be won with an instant ball control ball.

The ProEvolution Soccer 2013 walkthrough guide and manual shooting first entered so heavily and powerfully changing the individual. To improve the full control dribbling,Slow speed players add another style of Undos to their tight control button to play R2.

Manual control system controls are fully defined as Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 gameplay, better loved by fans of the PSE. However, for beginners too, it will be able to track the game and play smoothly.

Tactics with the previous screen versions have not been added – and it still feels a bit weak. Said much of the game change strategy in fact the cooler coachIt will appear in a small box when the instructions call it in the corner of the screen.

There are still some pieces of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, which is a very easy scoring. For example, it can easily be avoided by long ball / chip combination.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has focused on improving similar players, So in the game players play in real life as opposed to them – a system from the accuracy of developers called “PlayID”. Play to start moving the famous run andAs well as celebrities in real life.

A similar play on 2013 for the OnPSE fact, the most competitive football we’ve watched – better 12. All photos in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is wonderful though FIFA, with full details on the theme suit and shoes.

Unfortunately, Life is a player that puts Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 on how to play, feel clunky and unrealistic and throw out the exaggerated and jerky goalkeeper. In fact, the improvement does not seem to keep the door of the past – In truth, the goalkeepers are more than everThey are more catastrophic!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a very impressive player; You have noticed how to hang on each other, and how it affects your movement. Even so, it’s still not behind the FIFA’s return to the engine’s scope of animation from collisions.


Who would be disappointed by the 2012 PES will relax a little change in operations for the changes of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, but there is still room for improvement in the game yet.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 soccer sim looks like qualityIt’s great, and now it’s more likely to give you more control over it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

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