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NBA 2K16 brings a year-on-year realistic basketball experience. But its team, next-generation graphics and variety of species, this year’s famous features of the basketball simulator are beyond something else: a new career mode. What are we waiting for?

Looking for that NBA experience

The other NBA 2K nakontsentrirana graphic and 2K16 goes on to playability improved during the editing: change in the way near The career.

In recent years, it’s time to start the iteration design and get startedThe NBA team hired, but this year no 2K Sports has taken much more to look for student shoes than just now you have to noticed the unpredictable universitieI projects and have been the NBA legend.

Now I do not think that we should play a full-time (maybe next) under the NCAA Basketball Adegi, but we have the right choice of combining at least four matches.

2K Sports want to make this professional aspect of the nose not only for the player to want to keep up to dateContinue in life Welcome to a surprise as a career way under the direction of Spayk Liy, you will be surprised with the series of events.

The African-American son of a poor family starts with a twin sister from a rundown neighborhood of basketball with LehrtSie. You will also have a good time talking about the movie with parents, they are, of course, not how much you sacrifice to mention the scenes. If you have scanned the game of the beads on your face or choose another ethnic group it probably appears prettyStrange You will always have a curse johan, but it will easily bring clumsiness.

Despite these hiccups, my career is still a good regime with fresh ideas, though nice signs of hätteWar state svzaimodeystvat stories. You should at least get an opportunity to make important decisions about professional development in history. As a plus you can get real cameos players who offer their support during the adventure. How do you like Stephen Curry with your mentor?

Even thoughAnd the new regime My career is a good base for the NBA 2K16, make sure 2K Games did not stop its laureles in ways like sihatDiebeste. Also, my team has a similar FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, but you’ll find basketball. And, of course, you can only play regular matches, just have fun or experiment with a variety of online modes.

As with the teams, you will find all the usual in the best NBA teams, but you can get classic 12 teams like Dallas Mavericks in 2003 and Portland TrailBleyzarsprez 2000 bonus. The European basketball team is not the fans of the game, you can find the 25 teams that have seen the Euro League, or the NBA 2K15.

Perfect again

2K Sports continues to optimize NBA 2K, and in this version we will find two new and exciting changes. “Strong” on the one hand, defense and attack the same key, which is even more intuitive technique of saobrabotvat.

On the other hand, one content builder has continually seen a basketball icon as possible movements and playersIt shows some (button-assigned) movements. This makes it much easier to watch all types of player games and pull off impressive care.

If I did not refer to the NBA 2K16 aspect of bihmedovol. 2K Sports brings me to be a realistic sporting game that we have seen in a realistic sports game that we have found in an accurate and incredible facial animation for the players. Although we love talking about möchtenEs, Xbox 720 and PS4 stand out; This year I dropped my computer to a “port” ball.


The NBA 2K16 back simulated basketball lovers is absolutely necessary. His way, realism and the nod in the past makes a great choice that makes the title very attractive.

NBA 2K16

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