Catfish Chronicles Vol. 1

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Before I jump right into why I’m here, I figure I’d introduce myself. My name is Corbin Hicks bka Catfish, and I love music. Sometimes I find myself getting lost for days in a new album, annoying my friends by listening to the same song for 4 hours in a row on Spotify. Oh and shoutout to Spotify for letting me know whenmy white friends are listening to YG “My Hitta” or the album version. But I have digressed. The good folks at The Special Ones reached out and asked if I would like to contribute some music posts. I’m an avid soccer fan as well (shoutout to Dani Alves and Ricardo Quaresma) but I figure I’ll leave that to the pros. What I hope to focus on is touching on some new music that I like, some music I dislike, and other randomness in general. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to get your music showcased on the website.

The first thing I felt compelled to cover was this video I came across of Bobby Shmurda performing at the Epic Records offices moments after inking his debilitating 360 deal. It’s almost 2015 and I still am boggled at the sheer number of artists who still sign away everything they own to these major labels. With the Internet, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. there is zero reason to sign with a major label unless you are a proven hit-making commodity like Drake. One could argue that Drake would be better off without his Universal record deal as well, but you don’t get to participate in University of Kentucky shoot arounds and host the ESPY’s as an independent artist. Shmurda proceeds to shuck and jive at the office for a solid 5 minutes – shoutout to his stamina and work rate – to an apathetic office of his employers. Of course, this is before reports surfaced that Epic wasn’t actually paying him a dime for all of these shows they’ve booking for him, so we’ll see how this relationship plays out going forward. But for now, just enjoy this video. Here’s to hoping that if rap doesn’t work out Bobby Shmurda finds work as a background dancer.

My goal is not to only showcase bad rapping, but to highlight some of the better rappers out today that you may not be familiar with already. One of them in particular is a southern rapper named Scotty ATL. I had his last project “F.A.I.T.H.” in heavy rotation for the past year and from the first couple of spins it looks like he’s captured much of the same mojo for his newest project “Spaghetti Junction”. As part of the promo for his new mixtape release he recently stopped by the BET studios to give them a written freestyle, which is still dope nonetheless. I especially love the line referencing Dominique Wilkins. I strongly recommend you check out both of his previous projects, and I’ll also link you all to one of my favorite songs off of the “Spaghetti Junction” mixtape. Enjoy.

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